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At the end of this video, you'll get a promo code that lets you enter to win a trip for two to the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600.


Enter to win a trip for two to the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 – use this promo code when filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


No Adventure Is Out Of Range.

The Ambush iS will change the way you think about hunting vehicles. With both gas and electric powertrains, plus a groundbreaking Regen Mode, you can now recharge your vehicle on the fly. Powerful 4WD and full independent suspension deliver the performance you need to ensure no spot is out of reach. So pack plenty of ammo. We're in for the long haul.

  • Four-wheel independent suspension provides better traction and control on uneven terrain, while giving you a smoother ride.
  • Locking front and rear differentials deliver full-time power to the wheels that need it most in tough terrain.
  • On-demand 4WD allows you to quickly boost your power any time you need some extra muscle.

Three Options. Unlimited Possibilities.

Silent Electric Mode

A robust 48V AC electric drivetrain silently powers the front wheels.

Powerful Gas Mode

A 28-horsepower, 720cc fuel-injected gas engine drives the rear wheels.

Hybrid Mode

4WD mode activates both gas and electric powertrains, for more power and control.

On-the-Fly Charging.

With Bad Boy Buggies exclusive Regen Mode, you can recharge the electric powertrain every time you drive using the gas engine. A dash-mounted Regen switch allows you to choose between high or low settings, and creates a corresponding amount of resistance. This resistance is turned into energy and sent back into the battery pack. With your gas engine, electric motor and batteries working together, you can cover more ground without worrying about turning back.

On the Fly Charging
On the Fly Charging

Front Electric Motor

By creating resistance against forward motion, the front electric motor captures kinetic enerby.

Six 8V Batteries

Energy is transferred from the motor, continually recharging the batteries while the vehicle is in motion.

Powerful Features.

Full Independent Suspension

Enjoy a smoother ride, and a new level of control.

Locking Front and Rear Differentials

Improve your traction by transferring power to the wheels that need it most.

Push-Button Start

Fire up your vehicle with ease.

Rear Hitch Receiver

Tow trailers and implements for a morning of hunting or an afternoon of work.

9.6-cu-ft Cargo Bed

Load up gear, weapons or your trophy.

25-in All-Terrain Tires

Overcome the most demanding mud, ruts and washouts.

Learn About Ambush iS - And Win a NASCAR Trip.

NASCAR won't let us enter an Ambush iS into the Coca-Cola 600, so we're sending the next best thing: YOU. When you sign up to learn more about the Ambush iS below, you can enter to win a trip for two to NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Memorial Day Weekend 2014. The trip includes two suite tickets, plus airfare and accommodations for two.

Thank you for your interest in Bad Boy Buggies. The Coca-Cola 600 giveaway has ended. Visit our Facebook page for information about other current promotions.

Of course, you can also visit one of our authorized dealers for assistance with any questions you have about the new Ambush iS.